How to get a PR 8 dofollow backlink for free

by Danial  |  9 years, 8 month(s) ago

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I want to know how can I get a PR 8 dofollow backlink for free. I just started link building for my website and looking for ideas that can get me free PR 8 or more backlink. Any ideas????

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  1. TedSmiths

    Getting that good PR rating is not that easy, Like the suggestions above, you have to submit to high pr submission sites. I have been doing that on a website so far i manage to raise the PR from 1 to 2.

  2. Guest22801031

    You can submit you artical for free in and Squidoo has a PR 8 and their lens do very well in google and other search engines, so you get a great free back link and free traffic.

  3. Guest22800616

    Danial@ if you get free backlink from PR 8 site you submit articles on articles directories like ezine article and sooperarticles.
    blog commenting on blogs like and other blog.
    gust blogs posting on the blogs, blogs allow free guest posting like suite101 and floppingaces


  4. Guest22800494

    Use the website

  5. Guest22800479

    You can get instant backlinks of PR 8,7,6  pages by blog commenting and social bookmarking.

  6. Guest22800480

     You have to do social bookamrking and article submisson along with directory submission


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