How to get a Canadian Visa in India?

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How can i get a Canadian Visa in India. i know there is a Canadian embassy in Delhi but i am in Mumbai. would i have to travel to Delhi to apply or can i just do it somewhere in Mumbai. Also it would be helpful to know what are the requirements for applying for a Canadian Visa - i am applying for a student visa to Canada?

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  2. Mark Jones
    Go to the Canadian Embassy. Ask them
  3. Numair
    student visas are easy. you need to get help from the university your applying to, give them a call, they could send a letter showing that you've been accepted. next you need to get in touch with someone at the Canadian embassy. they will tell you where you can go in your city, there are usually representatives who conduct the interviews and for a small fees even help with your forms. you wont have to pay a visit to the embassy hopefully. p.s i know this because a relative of mine works at the Canadian embassy in Pakistan

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