How to get Zanussi washing machine service manual online?

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I lost my Zanussi washing machine service manual, can anybody please tell me how I can get service manual online. My machine needs a repair and the only way you can get to the problem is by manual but i have lost mine. I am now looking to find the new one. I asked a friend for it but he also does not have it. I have searched on internet but no luck in that. Can someone here know how to get the manual for this washing machine? Please help me with this.

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    A washing machine is one of the most important items in the house. And when it experiences some problem, you always try to fix it at first place. You always call a person who can repair it but with that flat fee call out, plus labor and parts, this is a very annoying thing to do. Even a small repair can cost a lot. You might think of going out and buy a new machine. But with the help of a manual you can easily fix the problem of machine without any labor cost or repairman fee. I will provide you a link where you can find the manual of your machine for free on internet. This link always helped me in such kind of situations. I have fixed a lot of things by downloading the manuals on a very minimum cost. Hope this will help you as well.
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