How to get Philippines international drivers license?

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My company has transferred me to Philippines they have given me the local driver license, I need to know the method to apply for the Philippines international drivers license.

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    I got mine from

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    If you have got the Philippines drivers license then the procedure to get the PIDP drivers license is not a big deal. First of all you have to apply for Philippine International Driving Permit known as PIDP. PIDP travelers have the privileges for all countries who are members of the UN Convention of Road Traffic. If you want to apply for a PID permit, you have to visit the AAP office with the following required documents:

    You got to have the Original and the copy of Philippine driver license
    2 recent Photographs
    You should have an ID card or the original passport including the photocopies of each page that shows your identification.
    The AAP joining fee is 300 PHP, you have to pay the registration fee as well and that is 1200 AAP. There are some extra charges like 300 processing fee which makes the total cost of 1800PHP.

    The AAP (Automobile Association of Philippines) head Office is located at 683 Aurora Boulevard, QC. If the validity of your Philippines drivers license is 1 year then you will get the PIDP for 1 year. The processing time for your application is around 30 mins to 60 mins. The AAP provides you an online facilty to renew your PIDP and license from anywhere for example you are on a road trip to another country then you can renew your PIDP online by visiting the AAP website

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