How to file a complaint against United Airline?

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I want to make a complaint against United Airline crew, how can file complaint against the crew of United Airline. Please give me the complaint number of United Airline.

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  1. Guest27899463

    I was flying to Denver from SFO.  I do not like to fly so I was extremely nervous that morning.  I got in line to check my bag.  The united person was extremely rude and she said she could not help me because there were people in line.  I who tries to avoid flying, did not know what the procedure was when checking your bag.  She made me fill even worse and even more scared to get on that airplane.  You should train your people better to make people choosing United Airlines to fill like they are treated with respect.  The gentlemen behind the counter apoligized for her rudness and proceeded to help me.

  2. Airlines Expert
    For any complaint against United Airline you can call at 1-800-589-5582.

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