How to expand my audience at Art Representation?

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I have been a self employed artist for a little over a year now. I have a website and blog and am happy to have made my living through my day job as an artist. Recently, I have experienced a lull in sales and from that I am wanting to attract a more consistent flow of buyers and not quite sure how to go about it(aside from traditional gallery exposure, ebay, etc.)Any outside of the box ideas? How do I find more of an audience Would it be a worthwhile investment to start looking for an Art Rep?

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  1. Guest23259533

    Everyone currently seems to be having a \"lull\" in sales.....the economy has gone south....but don't despair.

    Exposure never hurts....try you can list there for free...and there are other free sites as well. Also check out [or go to your library and see if they subscribe]...the magazine contains a good amount of information written just for artists in marketing, licensing, etc. You could also try Art Business is oriented to the trade...but you might pick up a few tips.

    RE: artist rep. You certainly could go this route....but I would check with a few other artists to see if the timing is right for you. Not sure where you are currently residing....but you could also exhibit [for a fee] at ARTEXPO [check out the website]...this is a major show in NYC, L.A., and I believe Miami. There are lots of dealers well as people buying art work. All the do have a talent.

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