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I am living in Ireland and want to open a new store on eBay Australia! I just want to know that is it possible?

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    Following are the steps that need to be followed in order to open a store on eBay:

    First you will have to register as an eBay user, then you will have to create a seller account. You will have to fill up the personal information form, then in the second step you will create a username and password. You will have to verify your identity, what kind of payment method you will adopt for paying sellers fee, and your payment method for the buyers. You should have a verified paypal account, to open up a store on eBay. There are three different levels of stores in eBay, decide to which store you would like to subscribe to. You will have to create an interesting and unique name for the store. By using "manage my store" category you can design your store. Once these procedures are followed, you can list your items and begin selling your goods.

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