How to do web design elearning website?

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I am going to design a web site for elearning. I have never make one before. Please tell me some good ideas for web design elearning.

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  1. liza amelia

    hi....Online learning has taken off over the last decade. More colleges than ever offer eLearning-based degrees. Corporations use eLearning to train remote employees. Governments use eLearning to teach previously unavailable material to disadvantaged students. At their core, eLearning systems are the same as other content management systems.

  2. Angelina

     In short, elearning is any teaching obtained through a computer. This encompasses things for example CD-ROM course components, web-based techniques, and computer training. There are numerous advantages to elearning:
    1 Web-based categories can be came to by any individual with an internet connection
    2 They are often less costly to run than school room discovering environments
    3 The categories can be accessed multiple times for reconsider and practice
    4 Test tallies and outcomes can be instantly tabulated and recorded
    The simplest way to conceive an elearning curriculum is by conceiving a world broad web sheet teaching course. These kinds of techniques are usually self-paced and not graded. They offer the scholars the possibility to discover the components supplied without encompassing many of interaction either with other scholars or the instructor.
    More complicated e-courses offer community in the pattern of forums and brief converse rooms, internet note mailing registers for the scholars, and interactive sport and study meetings in the course. Plus they often encompass quizzes and checks, sport, and repsonse from the teacher on the student’s progress.
    A mighty device for conceiving elearning submissions is Macromedia Authorware. This submission assists you conceive everything from straightforward web-based tutorials to highly interactive teaching replication integrating audio and video. It furthermore boasts consignment to the world broad web, business systems or CD-ROM.
    Current Web Design/HTML Articles.
    There are numerous modes that elearning is currently in use:
    1 Certification checks are often consigned by computer, and numerous of the certification businesses offer online and computer founded teaching categories for the certification.
    2 Many businesses use computer founded discovering to educate computer abilities for example Excel and Word, programming, or functioning systems.
    3 There are CDs accessible to educate you to kind, prepare nourishment, or talk a foreign language. These are all demonstrations of elearning.
    4 The Free HTML Course on this location is an elearning tutorial to educate HTML.

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