How to do the invisible Deck Card Trick

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How to Perform invisible Deck Card Trick . Guide to do invisible Deck Card Trick with tutorials, examples, video, trick revealed , moves with easy tips, instructions & guidelines

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    The invisible deck card trick is a very simple, useful and perhaps the coolest one amongst all the tricks ever invented. This particular trick can surprise the spectator more than any other trick. To get started you have all the cards placed inside the deck and you ask the spectator to name any card. Besides, you also tell the spectator that whatever card he will name, it will be placed inside the deck in an upside down position. This may seem to be impossible but if you follow certain directions it always works and proves to be mind blowing for the audience . The important thing to remember in this trick is that if the spectator names an odd number you pull the deck out from the even side and vice versa.

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