How to do investigatory project in chemistry?

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I am doing my final project of chemistry! I wonder if anyone tells me all procedure of doing investigatory project.

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  1. James Augustus

    Perform the Investigatory project on Electrolysis of water to produce Oxygen and Hydrogen.

    Research the Problem:
    Electrolisis is Chemical reaction or change, occurred in an electrolyte by passing electric current. Electrolytes dissolve by the separation of an electrolyte into ions having opposite charge particles through passing electric current. An ion that has negative charge is called an anion because it is moved to the positive charge on the anode through the solution. A particle that has positive charge is known as a cation. It moves to the cathode through the solution. Water is known for having solvent properties. The molecule has both positive and negative charged ends (+ and -). These charged ends undergo a chemical reaction with charges on other polar substances to dissolve them.

    Hypothesis: As electrolyte, put some Sulfuric Acid that will increase water conductivity and creation of Oxygen and Hydrogen gases.

    At the start of this experiment we used one twelve-volt battery, two copper wires, and water to perform these tests. The process was quite slow and started discoloration in the water and oxidation or corrosion on the copper wires. We repeated the test by using Graphite Rods as electrodes for avoiding discoloration of water and corrosion of electrodes. We also added some Sulfuric Acid to the water as electrolyte to increase the speed of the process.

    Materials Used:
    In experiment we used Graphite Rods, Copper Wire, Test Tubes, Sulfuric Acid, Beaker, and Water.

    Fill ¼ of the beaker with clean water, take two test tubes and fill them with water in the beaker. Place the prepared electrodes or wires. Now pass the electric current.

  2. Guest23329481

    Please tell me any investigatory project in biology

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