How to do good php web hosting?

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Tell me how I can do good php web hosting. Thank you!

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  1. yankeedoodle

    By selecting a good host provider you will be able to do good php hosting.I suggest you can host with and avail their reliable service at low cost.

  2. Marie

     PHP is basically a web programming scripting language, which is used for creation of dynamic web pages. Currently, most of the web hosts offer php web hosting, but not everyone offers the latest builds. With a good php hosting provider, you get to choose the method of using php of your choice, which may best suit your needs. By default most of the hosting accounts run with mod_php apache module, which allow the php pages to be processed inside the web server process itself, without any need to fork a new process for php. You can have few parts of your site with php as a cgi, and even obtain access to your own php.ini file. Not all the hosts provide these flexibilities so make sure that the php web hosting vendor that you choose offers these facilities. Moreover, custom php binary can be used to run your site the way you want, rather than using any of the ready-made builds fine-tuned by someone else.

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