How to decorate my old walls very fast with some time?

by Guest23255112  |  8 years, 7 month(s) ago

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Could you tell me the way of decorating empty walls without spending too much time and easily. Please help me!

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  1. mae mole

    Use stickers and post them on your wall. To get the style and size you want, go for custom sticker printing offered by some online printing companies. This way, you can get any design you prefer without going through any trouble. If ever you're interested, check

  2. James Augustus

    The easiest and fastest way of decorating your walls is to stick wall stickers on your large, empty wall. Stickers will cover your empty walls within no time. It is very easy to apply and remove sticker from your walls. Theses stickers are easily available and do not cost much.
    Another way of decorating your wall is Painting shapes or designs on your empty walls. Walls of the rooms with different colors and patterns look more trendy and colorful. You can apply different shapes and design according to your choice and aesthetic sense. It is the best way to break up the space as decorating walls without hanging things. You can hang anything according to your desire later.
    Decorating your empty wall with colorful cloth or a tapestry is another way of filling your walls. In Tapestries with large patterns or with visual artistic border work will make your walls beautiful and eye catching.
    If you are young, energetic or even aged, then you can add posters on your empty walls easily and quickly. While many large paintings might smash you financially, posters are inexpensive and not hard to perimeter yourself. Choose a subject, like music event you've visited or any appealing aspects, and then coordinate them on your wall. You have the option to select any poster from posters in stripes to traditional posters, or a large framed map for your wall. It is up to you to choose a poster for your empty walls direction and size.
    You have also the option of pasting post cards, birthday cards or other cards that you think are suitable for your empty walls.

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