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I have a question regarding drawing a logo in Corel Draw. I like Corel draw a lot and I saw a friend of mine creating logos in Corel draw. I would really appreciate if anyone could please tell me how I can create logos in Corel draw.

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  1. Harry

    CorelDRAW is an influential graphics and design software package that allows to creation and edition of everything from images to web pages. In the following way a logo can be created.

    1. Begin by choosing "File" and select "New”, which will create a new blank document. On the "Properties" bar type the size you want your logo to be. Usually a good size to start with is 5 inches wide by 5 inches tall.

    2. Go to the "Effects" menu and select "Artistic Media." This will present you with numerous artistic shapes and designs. A user can select predefined artistic strokes to add to your logo to create an image for your logo and can also use the drawing tools to hand draw any image you might like to include on your logo.

    3. If you do not want to draw your own insert graphics.

    4. Draw a text box and write the text of your logo. User can apply colors and special effects to the text to achieve the look you're after and can use drop caps and shape the text. Besides, user can also apply various textures to the text. Just about any effect can be used on a graphic can be applied to text. The "Undo" command can be used if you don't like something.

    5. Save your logo when you finish. Choose "File" and "Export" to save your logo as a high-quality graphic file of your choice.


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