How to convert pdf to word?

by Guest19020954  |  9 years, 10 month(s) ago

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Does anyone have a tool that can convert PDF file in to Microsoft Word? Of course it has to be free of cost?

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  1. Guest28115799

    PDF to word conversion process is very easily by software. Many software are available to the conversion. I am using Kernel for PDF to Word software. It is very user-friendly and advance tool. If you want to convert pdf to word document quickly then use this tool. You can easily operate this tool without technical knowledge. Visit software detail

  2. Guest24893636

    Well, I ever had the same problem with you. Then my friend recommand a PDF to word converter which solves my problem. You can have a try.

  3. Neelam
    Click upload, convert to rtf & then edit in MS Word. 24x7, Paypal, few cents per page. Caution! Avoid Free sites or sites with no after sales support a NO NO.

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