How to contact Ellen DeGeneres

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I want to call Ellen DeGeneres, so tell me her cell number if anyone knows.

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  1. Guest28324000

     Hi Ellen, my name is Govnor Payne. I live in a small town some 22 miles from Austin, TEXAS.  I moved here from Milwaukee, Wisconsin,  and was born in Eldorado,  Arkansas.  My story is not one such people might consider worthy of considering but I do. Just imagine yesterday tou had a job, your health was fair, your family was whole and you could see yourself growing old with grands and wife. Then all of a sudden you have to quit your job, cause your health is failing. Your legs give out on you, you are in so much pain you scream, with any mild touch. You find yourself not eating, you don't even have a bowel movement for 2 months. Then therapy comes, your are in a nursing home after about 5 months on your back. After a couple months in the nursing home you come home and through all of this your wife is there every step of the way. She uses all her sick time, vacation and fmla to help me. She has to go back to work cause we see bills but no income. Then finally medicare arrives. So some of the bills we can pay, but we still have about 40 something thousand dollars in debt from medical bills. You I am writing you, not for me but for my wife, she deserves something that can make her smile. Cause through it all she stays with me. I am still fighting a uphill battle and she is still by my side. I wish I  could give her the world, but I  only have my story. Help me give her something worthy of her beauty.

  2. Guest28068072

    Dear Miss Ellen DeGeneres :

    I would like to present my problem to you after i knocked all thr doors but only one door never left me is gad,after prayer and tears to gad gide me to search to find who can help thoes poor people.
    Every body appresiahting there white hands in helping realy needs people like you (gad bless you) my name is nahed alkilnai im palastenian girl born in dubai united arab emirates ,im from poor family ,my father died since 9 years and im the eldest in my family i studed nursing but with poor salary which i have 3 sisters and 2 brothers not working and one of my brother having handicup son ,im looking for all my family from food,rent, school fees,medication .
    My mother old ,sick in diabetic ,hepatomegaly(her liver enlarging) and newly like lymphoma found in her liver,no body know how to treat her,i tooke loan to do surgery for her and for my brother son to do surgery for both legs which i spend 170,000 dirhams.
    my salary only 7,000dirhams i paying house rent monthly 1500dirhams,school fess 1000dirhams for loan 4300dirhams monthly , what it will remain to live.
    finally i lost my job  beacuse there is new roals to keep all local citizen in most of jobs then they have to terminate non local people to keep vacancy position for them so i lost my job ,from where i will pay for bank loan they will throw me in jeal,please help me please at least for loan monthly payment till i will find other job please.
    I asked every where even i went to charity in my country only they will help me in my mother medication from where i will get money .
    please i read in internet how you helping poor people and i will send all document to you if you needed but some in arabic like (rent)and banking statment i will submet it to you.
    please im waiting repply from your side ..
    my regards
    nahed alkilani
    UAE (Dubai)

  3. Guest24954040

    Ellen, the email I sent was not finished before I sent it out yes I am disabled and my boyfriend is unemployed now for 2 years BUT thats not why I am contacting you. I know a man name Jack Ulman who has CANCER all through his chest, lungs, and now in his spin.  He was driving home from getting a mold of his body for a new treament for the cancer. His van he was driving the wheel completely flew off and while driving it he some how had the strength to control the van into the side of the medium of the highway. Anyway, he has helped so many people in his life and I just thought he desirves a hand and to be ignoliged for his good doings of helping others. Please help him in this horid time. Josie Copley  Thank you so much also for making me laugh at least for that hour a day. Thank you ,  Josie 740-302-2424

  4. Guest24952602

    Hi Ellen,my name is Theresa and i would like you to help me.i am 44 year's old,and i want to find my biological mother her name is Juana Mercado,the last time i seen her was when i was 15 year's old.i was raised in foster home's and group home's.i had went on different web site's to see if i can get any information on my mother,but when her name came up there was 144 people with the same name.i know that you are a busy person and you are not able to check or read all the letter'sand email's that you recieve.all i want is to be reunited with my mother and can contact me at (336)471-3403 or (336)686-7473 Thank you from theresa mercado faison.

  5. Guest22836158

    Hi Ellen,


    I am 50something and finding it hard to land a job these days is really tuff, especially with a crappy car. I divorced a year ago, left with nothing but a car that leaks water when it rains. I have to first, soak water out from the back driver side, maybe floorboard problem? Then I must blow dry so it does'nt stink. I have to open windows to prevent mold. Not only that! It stinks gas when I turn heater or air on.  And my ex thought he gave me enough. Go fugure.

    Thank you Ellen. YOU'RE AWESOME!!!!!


    Claire Stiver





  6. John

    Send any thing you want to share with Ellen DeGeneres and get direct feedback from her, She can also call you to her show

    To contact Ellen DeGeneres write a mail to her:


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