How to change address of NADRA CNIC?

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We have recently shifted to Lahore and now I want to change address on Nadra ID card. What is the procedure for it?

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  1. karachi guide
    Present Address can be changed with out any valid documents / proof. Permanent address can not be changed with out valid proof. a. Registry/Local Domicile/Allotment letter of property against his/her (Father/Mother) name b. Court Decree Note: 1.In case of change in permanent address to any Region of Northern Areas, applicant will have to Verify/attest the “Form” from Member Union Council/ Member Municipal Committee/Member District Council in addition to the Land document of the same area. 2.Only residential units where a person reside during the whole year. 3.Non-residential units like shops, offices, animal sheds, factories & other institutions are not taken as address.

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