How to calculate your net worth

by Kelly K  |  10 years ago

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How to calculate your net worth? even wondered how you can find out what you are really worth. i mean you can add your bank balances, your assets etc. but here is simpler way to calculate your Real Net Worth:

“Your net worth to the world is usually determined by what remains after your bad habits are subtracted from your good ones.” (Benjamin Franklin)

Do you agree with this method?

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  1. Guest27975468
    You are not the only one trying to find out as much as possible about budgeting, many before you have done it. Here is a link which can help you more

  2. RS3152001
    If you mean as your good qualities and subtract the bad, then yes. Usually when someone ask what is your net worth, they are referring to your financial net worth. For financial net worth means add all your assets, and deduct all your liabilities, ( meaning what you owe to someone or company) and you will have your net worth. If the answer to the calculation is a positive number then that is your net worth. If the amount is a negative answer, that means you owe more than your assets are worth.
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