How to book ticket of Cebu pacific airlines Philippines online?

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I have to book an air ticket of Cebu Pacific Airlines Philippines and not have enough time to visit their reservation office. Please help me that how can I book an online ticket of Cebu Pacific Airline.

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  1. Guest28135530
    Book online on their website, that's what I just did. I used my Credit card from the US, no problem at all. Try again, good luck!

  2. Duke

    Cebu Pacific Air offers scheduled flights to both domestic and international destinations. Cebu Pacific Air is currently the country's leading domestic carrier, serving the most domestic destinations with the largest number flights and routes, and equipped with the youngest fleet. Its main base is Ninoy Aquino International Airport, Manila, with other hubs at Mactan-Cebu International Airport, Francisco Bangoy International Airport and Diosdado Macapagal International Airport. Booking your Cebu Pacific plane ticket through the Internet is fast and fuss free.
    All It Takes is 5 Easy Steps:
    1. Search Flights:
    To plan your trip, use the ""Book & Pay"" box at the left side of the homepage of the website of Cebu Pacific Air.
    2. Select Flight:
    A list of all available flights that fit your trip plan will be displayed. Note that departure and arrival times will vary, as will the fares. Select flight you wish to take for your outbound trip and inbound trip
    3. Guest Details:
    You will now be asked to provide information about the guest/s who will be taking this flight. Fill in the necessary information. Then click the continue button.
    4. Add-ons Optional:
    This page lists the products and services you may avail together with your flight.
    5. Payment Options:
    You may choose to pay via credit card, banks or ATM. Fill in the necessary information then click “Continue”.
    6. Itinerary Receipt:
    Print your itinerary receipt by clicking “Print”. Bring this together with a valid ID when you check-in on your flight. This itinerary receipt will also be sent to the email address you have indicated. If you have not received your itinerary, or you want to add services to your booking, please check out the “Manage booking” page.

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