How to block a sim of zong?

by Guest12138476  |  10 years, 9 month(s) ago

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I want to block a number of zong which is bothering me.

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  1. Guest28053531

    sir ya num mare sister ko tang kar raha ha bouth plz marbani ho ge k ap is ko block kar da plz 03154708051 plz marbani ho ge ap block kar da plz sir?

  2. Guest27917756

    This mobile unknown owner using bad words and irritating me, please block this number

    03126326049 and 03123194231 pakistan


  3. Guest24933027

    ya nbr bhot tang krta ha


  4. Guest24567808

    plz block it 03136190144

  5. Guest23126442

    mara eik zong ka number ha ma us number ko khatam karna chata hon  apni ID sa per wo company lay apni malkiat ma

  6. Guest22811824

     sir meri sim mobail k sath gum hogae hy plz ap ese band kr do plz plz plz 03129383666 plz plz sir nic number ye hy 4130682223775

  7. Guest22803631

    sir g  is number ko block kar day plz ye bohut tang karta hia plzplzplzpzlpzlzpzl


  8. Guest22782097

    dear sir

               plz block the sim 03137605268 this sim is not my any one use this sim and heart the people plz plz block this

                                                                                                                   usman rajpoot


  9. Guest22725709

    i have lost my mobile so plz block the sim. i m very thanksful to number is 03137961521.if something is rong then nobody claim on me.because i have inform u.i copy of one message in my pc.beacuse my moble have cagut rong plz block this number  thanks.

  10. Guest22721532

    Dear Sir I have lost my sim please block it. Number 0315-2015465

    I shall be very thankful to you to this act of kindness. please

  11. Guest22698205

     To, the zong officer subject: application for blocking my number becouse dear sir my sim connection is drop from me on 8th feb 2011. so kindly block my number.03155166631 i request you... regard minhaajuddin makhdoom...



  12. Guest22677637

    meri zong ki sim chori ho gai he plz ap is number ko block kr dy 03145553468.

  13. Guest22662760

    dear sir ye nomber tang karta hai is ko band kar dain 03417014960

  14. Guest22641922

    sir my mobile is stolen plz block my sim .........03152449415...plz sir its my requset plzzzzzz

  15. Guest22637341

    sim no 03136030890 ko block kar da please


  16. Guest22593073

    kisi sim ka pata chal sakta hai k wo kis k nam py hai without NIC

  17. Guest22543517

    sir meri sim gum ho gai hy plz isy band kr do ap ka thanks

  18. Guest22512934

    my sim gir gae hai plz us ko block kr do num 03134415962

  19. Guest21847467

    block the sim

  20. Guest21824513

    please block 03136061917. I shall be thankful to you

  21. Guest21824181

    03125006676 plz is number ko block karna ha

  22. Guest21565608
    03133028459 my sim is a blok
  23. Guest21565608
    03133028459my sim is a blok
  24. Guest21140084
    es sim namber se tang kia ja raha hai namber yahe hai 03135382474
  25. Guest20947117
  26. Guest20741469
  27. Guest20377499
  28. Guest20103520
    my zong sim is blocked why my sim number is 03222767741
  29. Guest20030363
  30. Guest19949161
    sir is sim ko block kary ya mujhy tang kar raha ha 03136165101
  31. Guest19242433
    03313829265 block karen plz is number ko sir ye hamara family ka number hy.
  32. Guest18684102
    Yes 03149100930
  33. Guest17936103
  34. Guest15220753
  35. Guest15040879
    kesy kesy aajooby aaty hain is tra ka question ly kr........kya tmy sim b website mi sy he mili thi jo yaha per pochty phir rahy ho.lolzzz
  36. Guest15039373
  37. Guest14923385
    my sim is a thief
  38. Guest12626129
    my sim no is 03126654111 this sim bloked
  39. Leonardo
    Go, to the franchise of ZONG and tell them to block your sim by showing your ID card.

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