How to become fair naturally?

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It’s my dream to become fair and I have used a number of products but none of them is long lasting. I am looking for a long lasting natural solution to become fair. Please tell me any good solution for becoming fair!

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  1. Guest27898567
    •  Take one cup of Cucumber juice, one tablespoon of Lemon juice and mix with one spoon of Rose water. Apply this mixture on face, arms, neck and other body parts which are sun affected. Wash it after 20-25 min.
    • Papaya pulp is very effective in skin cleaning. Apply Papaya pulp directly on skin and wash after 20 min.
    • Take one teaspoon of Turmeric, mix with Raw Milk and one teaspoon of Lemon juice. Apply it on the face and neck. Wash with water after 20-25 min.
    • Take Gram flour, Lemon juice and mix with some Curd (Dahi). Apply it before taking bath and leave 15-20 min. use it regularly and get good results.
    • Coconut is also effective, drink coconut water and apply its milk on to the face. Your skin will become fair and glow.
    • Take one teaspoon Turmeric powder, one teaspoon of Olive oil and mix with some Curd and a pinch of Salt. Apply this pack on face and neck. Wash it carefully after 20 min, you will get good results.
    • Saffron (Kesar) is an excellent home remedy. Take one or two leaf of Saffron, mix with little Milk. When the milk color changes, apply it on the face and neck. Wash it after 20 min, you will get effective results.
    • Prepare mixture of crushed Orange peels and leaf of Basil (Tulsi). Apply it on skin for improvement.


  2. Danial

    Getting fair naturally might not be possible overnight, so keep this in mind that you’ve to continue efforts for longer period to see the results. There’s a variety of natural ingredients that can help you enhance your complexion and have fresher, smoother and healthy skin that you might not be able to get with cosmetics. Use following ingredients in the prescribed way and you’ll certainly see positive results in less than a week’s time:

    Lemon: Squeeze a lemon in 2 tablespoons of hot milk and massage gently. Repeat this process for twice or thrice a day and you’ll see scars removing in a couple of day. Along with scars removal it freshens your skin and removes dead skin. You find your skin glowing and complexion getting fairer day by day.

    Apply turmeric powder: Use it along with lime juice and it will react as natural bleach.
    Besides applying these ingredients, you must make sure that your skin doesn’t get exposure to extreme sunlight; dust etc and you eat healthy foods. So, make sure that:

    • You do not go out much in sun and in case if you do, you must cover your skin.
    • Eat fruits and veggies.
    • Drink lot of water and juices.

    Hope these help!

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