How to become an astronaut?

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I want to become an astronaut because I love space and technology. I will be finishing my schooling next year and so I want to know the subjects that I should opt for becoming astronaut and all other things I should care about. Please guide me about complete steps and requirements for becoming an astronaut. I will really appreciate it!

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  1. Danial

    Hello Chris, Becoming astronaut is actually not that easy, but it’s great to see that you have decided so early to opt this career. In order to become an astronaut you must study engineering, biological sciences, physical sciences and or mathematics. Since, bachelor’s degree is the basic requirement by NASA; you must have a bachelor’s degree in any of the above subjects from an accredited university. Besides academic qualification, NASA requires three years of working experience as well, so select the right employer for internship after your degree. If you acquire a master’s degree you’ll need only two years of work experience and if you have a doctorate degree, you get exempted from work experience.

    Please not that only 20 positions are announced every two years by NASA and they get more than 4000 applications, so you can imagine how tough the competition is for becoming an astronaut. You need to be extremely competent in order to become an astronaut. NASA also ranks candidates based on their height and health, so you must maintain a healthy living style and proper exercises to maintain health and height.

    And yes, you must be a US citizen in order to apply for some specific categories of astronauts, i.e. pilot, commander and mission specialists.

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