How to be a Physical Therapist?

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I want to become a physical therapist (PT). I only know that PT works with patients who have suffered physical disabilities as the result of an accident or a disease. In consultation with doctors and other medical professionals, the PT designs a patient's treatment therapy and works with the patient over a course of weeks, months or even years. Treatment can include exercise, deep-tissue massage and ultrasound treatments. I want to know how I can become a physical therapist. I need your suggestions in this matter. Detail discussion on this may help others too.

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    Physical Therapist is not a profession that everyone can enter, it need qualification and hard work. If you want to be PT then understand that you will need a bachelor's or master's degree in physical therapy and that it will include several science courses, including chemistry, biology and physics. You should begin taking these science courses in high school.

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    It is a job of strong mental capabilities you have to work on polishing your interpersonal skills. You will often have to advise disturbed patients and family members about long-term physical therapy.
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    If you are in America then go to the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) Web site ( for up-to-date information about this field. Also look for the APTA list of accredited schools and contact your top choices for their admissions information.
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    The only thing what matters is in this field is to maintain an excellent grade point average. The physical therapy field is highly competitive.
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    First of all take admission and then decide if you want to specialize in an area such as neurology, pediatrics or sports medicine. Ask your counselor about the additional training or degrees required for certification in a specialty. Remember that you can work toward a specialty after you graduate from college.

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