How to get Australian citizenship after being granted asylum?

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I am an Iranian national and since a good turn happened to us after we have asked for asylum in Australia, that we were accepted. Today I currently reside in Australia as a refugee under the mandatory injunction of the UNHCR but I would wish to apply for citizenship as soon as possible. My criminal records are clean so there would be no problem from my side. I would just like to know the procedure and the pre requisites needed to be undertaken in order to attain Australian nationality. Also are there any special privileges for Iranians?

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    Citizenship is first of all granted after an eligibility test based on several features. The procedure of applying for Australian nationality differs from person to person depending on their eligibility. There are a series of varying application options with different eligibility demands.
    Generally, to apply for Australian citizenship you will need to:
    • Determine that you are eligible
    • Gather your original documents
    • Copy and certify your documents
    • Complete and lodge your application
    Moreover one has to be lawfully immigrated and/or a recognized refugee in order to apply for asylum and henceforth for citizenship. As for the criminal record they will still do a background check as part of policy. Lastly you can only be liable for citizenship if;
    You are unable or not willing to return or to seek protection to your country resulting from a fear being persecuted for reasons of race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group, or political opinion, and if you are not a war criminal and have not committed any serious non-political crimes or acts against the laws of the United Nations.

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