How to adjust a Franz Hermle 1050-020 mantle clock.

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I have the above mentioned clock and it runs about 8 minutes fast weekly. I see the markings - and + but see no way of making the adjustment.

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    I have a Hamilton mantle clock with hermle 340 020 75 movement. the chimes ring two hours behind, how can I sync with the time?
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    I have similar issue but NO adjustment s***w. I found this on another site. Hope it helps.... FYI, moving the 3 prong part 1 notch = 10 second adjustment per day There are two versions of the 340-020 movement. The older version has a helical coil spring, which is cylindrical shaped and about one inch long. The other version has a flat coil spring similar to the hairspring in a watch. On the older version, you will see a large horizontal balance wheel which rotates rapidly back and forth. On the top of this wheel is a three-pronged part which presses down on the wheel at the prong tips. To regulate this movement, you carefully move the pronged part in the + or - direction to go faster or slower. You only need to move it a small amount. Be very careful to hold the balance wheel steady when you adjust the regulating device, so that you do not twist the wheel on its shaft, push it down or up, or bend the helical spring.
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    The markings on the case that you saw are intended to guide your adjustment of your clock's timing. To make the adjustment, there is a small s***w just above the markings.

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