How to add sitemap for blogspot from google webmaster?

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I need to know the process to add the sitemap of my blogspot to webmaster. Please help?

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    To add sitemap for blogspot from Google webmaster please follow these: 1. First create webmaster accounts for your blogspot in Google. 2. Once you log in, you will get a page which includes Dashboard section. 3. In that section, there will be a "ADD SITE" tab..You type your blog name and hit enter. 4. Next step will like this, 5. Verify your site with a help of type of verification method. 6. Then you will find a verification code. you just copy and paste it on your blog. then hit enter verify. 7. Go to sitemap link which is on the right side navigation bar. 8. add "atom.xml" at the end of URL in order to generate sitemap 9. Sitemap XML is generated now

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