How to Write a Tender Proposals?

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How to Write a Tender Proposals?

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    Important Elements Of Tender Proposal 1. Type your proposal using Official letterhead and quality stationery. 2. Use suitable fonts such as Times Roman. Check samples for others that are suitable. 3. Register your interest. Briefly state why you are interested. 4. Indicate the number of days that your offer would be valid. 5. List required qualifications and merits of your offer. 6. Be formal but not impersonal. Customise your proposal. Ensure that it is relevant. 7. Provide accurate and complete contact details such as name, designation, full address,telephone and fax numbers, e-mail address and other related information including contact details. 8. Use "yours sincerely" or such other accepted expression to close. Append your signature to your name and designation. 9. Dispatch the letter via registered mail. Record the transaction and keep receipts.

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