How to Write Client Acceptance Letter

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How to Write Client Acceptance letter. Guide for writing Client Acceptance letter using sample, example, template, format, conditions, tips, guidelines and instructions.

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    The individual traits, beliefs, conduct and the working approach of the clients are one of the most important things to be considered in order to engage the client with the firm. The firms normally do not have information about the legitimacy of the client so an audit is conducted by a third party auditing firm in order to approve the client's integrity. There are a number of legitimacy processes that the client passes through and then concludes the legitimacy of the client. If the client is not a legitimate one and more risk is involved in accepting the client, then the client is rejected. If however, the client is a legitimate one and passes the auditing procedure successfully, then an acceptance letter is issued to the client on the behalf of the auditing firm. So while writing an acceptance letter it is important to follow the right format and normally the semi block format is in practice. For more guidance on how to write a client acceptance letter, follow the guide as mentioned below:

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