How to Wear Pink Eyeshadow

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How to apply pink eye shadow for a formal gathering or an informal party. Easy guide with simple steps to wear pink eyeshadow rightly and perfectly.

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    Do you really want to steal the show with an attention-grabbing eyeshadow? Then, you must wear pink eyeshadow as it is a cool color and looks pretty enough on the eyes that you can wear it both day and night. You can apply simple pink eyeshadow for formal gatherings and parties while you can add a smokey look or glittery touch to it if you are planning an informal get-together. However, it just needs to be applied in a unique way so it makes your eyes stand out among many others. In case you are planning to attend a themed party, then you can create a perfect Barbie Doll look with pink eye makeup. Read the simple steps given below, wear pink eyeshadow, and get ready to look gorgeous: Things Required: - Light Pink Eyeshadow - Dark Pink Eyeshadow - Black Eyeshadow - Brown Eyeshadow - Pink Base - Eyeshadow Primer - Eyeshadow Brushes - Flat Eye Brush - Shale - Vellum Eyeshadow - Blending Brushes - Black Gel /Cream Liner / Waterproof Eyeliner / Eye pencil - Small Pencil Brush - Mascara - Eyeliner - Eyeshadow lighter than your skin tone - False Eyelashes “ Optional - Eyelashes Curler

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