How to Wear Green Eyeshadow

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How to wear green eye shadow on blue, hazel, green, black and brown eyes. Quick makeup guide for wearing green eye shadow in evening parties.

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    Green eyeshadow for eye makeup undoubtedly looks hot as it is a fresh and bold color, giving a very attractive and funky feel. You can carry green eyeshadow on various occasions year-round in various shades. However, wearing green eyeshadow is an art. It requires proper control on various shades of green color. If you really want to update your look with a splash of unique color, here is the right article to guide you on how to wear green eye-shadow effectively. Thing you will need to wear green eyeshadow - Eyes Concealer - Eyeshadow Base - Eye Brushes - Angled eye shadow brush - Light green eyeshadow - Dark green eyeshadow - Black eyeshadow - Eyeshadow Primer - Eye Liner - Mascara - Eyelashes Curler - White shimmer eyeshadow

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