How to Wear Gold Eye Shadow

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How to wear gold eyeshadow for evening parties. Quick guide for having shimmery golden eyes using gold and black eye shades, eye liner, mascara and artificial eye lashes.

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    Do you really want to gild yourself in order to rock your next party or get-together? Then, you must wear gold eye shadow to create some major metallic eye makeup looks. Because of its intrinsic warmth, gold eye shadow is a fantastic makeup shade to wear - especially around holidays - and it is one of those colors that work for practically all skin tones. This glitzy color is cool enough to brighten your eyes, make your irises pop, and help your dull tired eyes look more awake. So, what are you waiting for? Go through this simple article in order to know about the simple steps to apply gold eye shadow and stun people around you. Things you will need to wear gold eye shadow: - Primer/Base - Gold eyeshades - Black Eyeshade - Shimmery gold eye shade - Angled eye shadow brush - Blending eye brush - Liquid eye liner or Eyeliner Pencil - Mascara - False Eyelashes - Optional

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