How to Wear Boots with Jeans

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How to Wear Boots with Jeans
Knowing how to wear boots with jeans and experimenting the different ways is real fun. Firstly, you can pair your jeans with ankle boots. This combo looks really stylish. Opt for pencil heels which will give the best look. Ankle boots go well with the boot cut jeans as well. For straight fit jeans, thigh high boots and ankle boots are the perfect footwear. Thigh high boots can be best paired with skinny jeans. Wondering how to wear boots with skinny jeans? Just tuck your skinny jeans in the thigh high boots and you are sure to look extremely voguish! Pencil heels or box heels are your options. You can also opt for the fold over cuff boots and tuck in your jeans to have a chic look. These cuff boots look best in flat style as well. You can also wear the thigh high boots, but you need a perfectly matching pair of dark wash skinny jeans to be paired with these. Moreover, make sure you get the thigh high boots in sober colors like black, brown and in flat or low heels. Don a tunic falling till mid thigh and you are ready for the evening.

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