How to Wash a Leather Jacket

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How to wash a leather jacket carefully and properly. Tips to wash leather jackets at home with hand or in washing machine without damaging the material.

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    Leather jacket is a kind of clothing piece that has always remained in fashion and it is still quite popular and trendy, especially among bikers, pilots and soldiers. Moreover, several actors, actresses and different celebrities have also worn leather jackets over time, which has made it a huge fashion statement. Therefore, you will find these leather jackets quite expensive and they also require proper maintenance, if you want to keep them for long time. However, washing of a leather jacket is not an easy task because it requires certain amount of care in order to avoid any kind of damage. So if you want to wash your leather jacket without damaging it then follow this guide for tips to do that. Things require to wash a leather jacket: - Baby Wipes/Wet Wash Cloth - Leather Cleaner Spray - Dishwashing Liquid - Small Tub

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