How to Wash Cotton Clothes Without Shrinkage

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How to wash your daily use or formal cotton clothes without shrinking them. Ideas and tips to avoid shrinkage while washing cotton clothes.

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    Shrinkage of cotton clothes is not an unusual thing as it one of the most flexible type of natural fabrics that have the tendency to shrink if not washed carefully. Due to this carelessness several people have to give up their favourite cotton clothing because they shrink when carelessly put in the dryer after washing. However, it does not mean that there is no way to wash cotton clothes without making them shrink. The same methods of washing are adopted which are used when washing other clothes but a little more care needs to be taken. You can keep the original shape and fit and avoid fading of colours of your clothes too by following this simple method given in this guide. Things Required to Wash Cotton Clothes Without Shrinkage: - Detergent - Water - Washing Machine (optional) - Clothes Hangers

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