How to Repair a Hole in Clothes With Zigzag Stitch Techniques

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How to repair a hole in clothes, shirts, skirts and other clothing with zigzag stitch techniques. Follow the steps and repair your ragged clothing in no time.

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  1. Guest28012004
    Zig zag stitch is a version of lockstitch which goes back and forth and is used wherever a straight stitch is not appropriate. It is common while mending a buttonhole, an unraveled damaged portion, a hole in a garment and repairing a stretchable fabric. If you think your clothing is damaged or has a hole in it then you can easily mend it instead of grouching upon the loss. But there are a few things required before you can do the fairly easy process of repairing a hole with zigzag stitch technique laid out in the steps below. Things Required: - Sewing machine - Thread - Pins - Scissors - Matching fabric that will serve as a patch.

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