How to Remove Smells from Plastic Food Containers

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How to Remove Smells from Plastic Food Containers. Guide for removing Smell from Plastic Food packagings, storage, trays, bags, baskets & covers with tips & methods.

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    Raise a quick hand if you have ever fallen victim to forgetting something in a plastic food container in either your fridge, drawer at work or lunch bag? Chances are, the more delicious the food that was in there, the more putrid and gag-worthy the smell has gotten with time. There are many high-quality plastic container manufacturers out there these days, and often times, buying their products can be an investment. It would be a shame to have to throw out perfectly good containers that smell like high h**l. Luckily, this Step by Step Guide aims to provide some solutions to help get the smell out of your plastic containers so that you can use them without your eyes watering. Things Required: - distilled white vinegar - lemons - baking soda - water - an old clean toothbrush - the smell container(s) (as clean as possible) - sharp knife - time

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