How to Remove Coffee Stains from Clothing

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Guide for removing Coffee Stains from Clothing to help you remove coffee stains from your clothing simply and effectively in no time. Follow easy and quick steps!

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    With a little patience and some simple steps, coffee stains can be removed.Coffee stains can present a problem. The oils in coffee instantly bond with fabric, leaving tough-to-remove brown splotches on clothing. Acting quickly can save that soiled garment, and special cleansers aren't necessary. A little dish washing soap and white vinegar are all you need for this stain-removal method.



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    Uh oh, quickly raise your hands if you've been here before. You are heading out the door for what will be an awesome (we're all about the positive here) day at work when some of your delicious coffee spills on your crisply ironed shirt or blouse. Where do we go from here? How do we get this morning fuel out and off without staining? The following Step by Step Guide strives to help you do that. Simply follow the outlined instructions and treat your clothing simply and effectively. What You Need In order to treat your coffee stain effectively, you will require the following: - cloth - water (4 cups) - laundry detergent (1/2 teaspoon) - rubbing alcohol - sponge - laundry machine

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