How to Put Fringe on a Scarf

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How to put fringe on a scarf while knitting. Easy knitting guide with detailed instructions to knit scarf with delicate fringe.

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    Scarves with fringes are one of the latest trends in today's fashion world. Due to this reason various fashion designers are also following it and introducing new styles and innovations in scarves with fringes. But we all know designer scarves are usually highly priced. Therefore, people who are familiar with the art of making scarfs usually make their own. However, most of these people do not know how to put fringes on a scarf and as a result of that, their scarf seems old fashioned and incomplete. To sort this issue this article has a few steps with the help of which anyone can easily put fringes on a scarf, irrespective of whether they have bought it from the market or made it at home. Things you will need to put fringe on a scarf: - Piece of Cardboard - Yarn - Scissor - Crochet Hook

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