How to Measure Height without Tape Measure

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How to Measure Height without Tape Measure at home for science project. Guide for Measure Height without Tape with examples, video tutorials images, methods & guidelines.

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    You are out somewhere in a hilly area and there are big and small mountains as far as you can see. All of a sudden you come across a mountain whose height impresses you and you want to know how high it actually is. Measuring the height of that landmark through a conventional measuring tape will have your grandson write the final reading - since it will take decades! However, you will be amazed to know that you can have that exponential height calculated with the help your... shadow! This method of calculating colossal heights involves the concept of proportion or simple mathematical skills. As a student of middle school, if you perform this experiment as an alternate to the science project coming your way, you are likely to get lot of appreciation. Just have the following items nearby and start on it. Required Items: - Measuring Tape - Notepad - Calculator - Pencil or pen

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