How to Make a Staten Island Ferry Cocktail

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How to make Staten Island Ferry Cocktail Recipe at home. Step by Step guide to preparation time, ingredients, servings & mix recipes

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    If you are looking for a refreshing drink that can make your party and summer day perfect then try out the delicious Staten Island Ferry cocktail. This cocktail is a variation of Pina Colada without coconut cream and you can make it in no more than five minutes by mixing the Malibu rum and pineapple juice together. The best thing about it is that it is not only delicious and full of flavour, but energizing and cool at the same time, acting as the perfect summery drink which can also be consumed in winters. If that doesn't entice you, then the amazing taste definitely will. Staten Island Ferry cocktail was named after Staten Island, as it originated from this place - which can be found in New York City, United States. This cocktail gradually became famous after it was introduced in Staten Island and it later became an important part of the American culture, as more and more people started visiting the area to try out the Staten Island Ferry cocktail. This alcoholic cocktail is usually served in a highball glass to get an authentic feeling. Make sure to serve it chilled with ice cubes to boost its overall taste. If you want to make this drink at home then, follow the simple steps given in this article to have your own highball glass of Staten Island Ferry cocktail. Or you can also make this cocktail for your friends or family members on your next party or get-together. Preparation Time: 05minutes Serving Size: 01 Utensils: highball glass, bar spoon. Ingredients: - Malibu rum - Double pineapple juice

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