How to Make a Spritz Cocktail

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How to make Spritz Cocktail Recipe at home. Step by Step guide to preparation time, ingredients, servings & mix recipes

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    Spritz Cocktail, invented in Venice, is among the most popular wine based alcoholic cocktails that are frequently served as an aperitif in Northern Italy. This is a low in alcohol aperitif drink which is prepared with equal quantity of prosecco, campari, and soda. It is the perfect option to be served at a fancy dinner or to be taken during the cool summer pool get-togethers or parties. Most of the people often top Spritz Cocktail with gleaming mineral water. A Spritz Cocktail is typically served over ice cubes in a traditional lowball glass. However, sometimes a martini or wine glass is also used for this purpose. The bartenders around the globe prefer to garnish it with a slice of orange, or every so often an olive, depending on the drink. The most popular variation of Spritz Cocktail replaces the wine in it with the same quantity of champagne with the liqueur. This refreshing drink is a perfect way to start your meal, as it contains digestive ingredients that stimulate a desire for food. Do not waste in thinking, just follow the simple instructions listed below and make your own Spritz Cocktail. Preparation Time: 5 minutes Serving Size: 01 Utensils: Champagne flute, Stirrer or Bar Spoon Ingredients: - (1 part) chilled Prosecco - (1 part) Campari - (1 part) sparkling water - Crushed Ice or Ice Cubes - Slice of orange with campari or aperol, an olive for garnishing “ optional

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