How to Make a Sake Screwdriver Cocktail

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How to make Sake Screwdriver Cocktail Recipe for parties and events. Guide to preparation time, ingredients, servings & mix recipes

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    This cocktail surely has a unique name that is easy to remember. It is a variation of a classic drink named simply as 'screwdriver' which uses orange juice and vodka. The sake screwdriver replaced the vodka with sake to give a unique flavor of its own. Sake, a Japanese wine made from rice, is now preferred over vodka and other wines because of its low acidity and low alcoholic content while giving the same taste as other drinks. The fresh orange-yellow color of this cocktail is refreshing in itself, while the taste will leave you asking for a refill before finishing your glass. Read our step by step guide to make as many glasses of it as you want at home or at a party. Preparation time: Will not take you more than two minutes Serving size: o1 person (ingredients can be increased in the given proportion to make more servings) Utensils needed: High Ball Cocktail glass, Cocktail stirrer Ingredients: - 1 1/2 ounce of sake (increase sake content if you want a stronger drink) - one cup of orange juice - ice cubes as required for chilling - lemon slice or peel for garnishing - Cocktail umbrella

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