How to Make a Royal Arrival Cocktail

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How to make Royal Arrival Cocktail Recipe for parties and events. Guide to preparation time, ingredients, servings & mix recipes

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    This is another one of Joe Gilmore's marvelous creations as the head barman at Savoy Hotel's American Bar. Joe is known to mark important occasions by mixing up wonderful cocktails and naming them after those occasions. This one was mixed in 1969, marking the birth of His Royal Highness Prince Andrew, Duke of York who is fourth in line to the British throne. However, unlike most of his cocktails, this one is not that easy to make because of its long list of ingredients and difficulty in measuring them. Our step by step guide attempts to make it a bit easier for you to prepare this drink. Preparation time: Can take you up to fifteen minutes Serving size: o1 person (ingredients can be increased in the given proportion to make more servings) Utensils needed: Cocktail Shaker and Cocktail glass Ingredients: - 4 parts Gin - 1 parts Lemon Juice - 1 part Crème de Noyaux - 1 part Kümmel - Dash egg white - Dash vegetable extract

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