How to Make a Mercury Barometer

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How to make a homemade barometer for kids. Information about making a barometer at home for interesting science project, home assignments & and Lab practical

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    You are a science student and have been asked by your teacher to make a project for science. If you intend to be a scientist or have a good aptitude towards science then it may not be a tough ask for you. However, if you are one of the back benchers then this assignment will perhaps have you all at sea. If you cannot think of a decent project for science but at the same time want to make a real good one then the best thing to do is try making a simple Mercury Barometer. Basically, a barometer is an instrument that is used for the measurement of atmospheric pressure. Hence a simple mercury barometer uses the height of mercury column to measure atmospheric pressure which is measured in cm Hg. Following few simple directions you can make a simple mercury barometer.

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