How to Make a Lime Rickey Cocktail

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How to make Lime Rickey Cocktail using lime juice, simple syrup, bitters & club soda. Guide to Lime Rickey cocktail recipe preparation time, ingredients, servings for parties and events.

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    Lime Rickey cocktail is a mixed drink that is associated with Rickey group of cocktails made with spirit, lime that are squeezed directly into the glass with sugar syrup and some other alcoholic drinks. The drink also resembles with highball cocktail which is also made with the help of base spirit as a main ingredient. The drink was originally created in Washington DC by a bartender named George A. The drink is one of the most loved and popular cocktails in United States. If we talk about ingredients then you can either use gin or vodka. Gin kicks off more as compared to vodka hence gin is peppered over vodka. In order to make this drink you will need a lemon squeezer, gin or vodka, ice cubes sugar syrup, mixing glass and a large thin glass for serving. Hence you really want to learn the art of making Rickey lime cocktail then follow the steps below complemented by a video of this recipe for better understanding. Things You Require: Little muddler, large thin glass, steel glass for mixing Serving Size: 1 Preparation Time: 5 minutes Ingredients: - One shot of gin or vodka - Three quarter oz. of grape pucker - Half oz. shot of gomez water/syrup - 2 limes - Ice cubes as required - Soda water for topping

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