How to Make a La Cucaracha Cocktail

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How to make La Cucaracha Cocktail using Kahlua, Tequila & Triple Sec. Guide to La Cucaracha cocktail recipe preparation time, ingredients, servings for parties and events.

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    La Cucaracha Cocktail; Cucaracha in Spanish is for cockroach, Yikes! Although the cocktail's name may creep you out because of an image of those slimy, crawling insects but there's no need to be distressed. Yes, you will neither be ambushed by an army of cockroaches demanding their glass, nor is the drink made from cockroaches. There is no particular reason why this drink is named so weirdly, but the preparation of La Cucaracha Cocktail is quite fun. If you are planning to <span style="color: #000000">call your best friend over to see a thrilling game on the TV, then this drink is surely an ideal company for both of you. Preparation of La Cucaracha Cocktail is the most thrilling part since two people need to participate in making it. Do not reveal the name of the drink until your friend has it, or else he might think that a drink named as cockroach might also taste like one. Three ingredients with equal amount of ratio are used in this beverage. Kahlua is a Mexican liqueur which tastes like a coffee; it is prepared by mixing coffee, sugar and corn syrup. This ingredient grants the drink a smooth and heavy texture along with a mysteriously intriguing taste. Gold Tequila is basically un-aged tequila which has color added into it. The third ingredient of La Cucaracha Cocktail is Triple Sec - an orange flavored liqueur. An outclass fusion of flavor is created after the combination of these three ingredients. Preparation Time: 1 minute 4 seconds Utensils Required: Brandy Snifter, Straw Serving Size: 2 servings Ingredients: - 2 shot of Kahlua - 2 shots of Triple Sec - 2 shots of Gold Tequila

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