How to Make a Corn N' Oil Cocktail

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How to make Corn N' Oil Cocktail Recipe at home using golden rum, Falernum liqueur & aromatic bitters. Step by Step Guide to Corn N' Oil cocktail recipe preparation time, ingredients, servings for parties and events.

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    Corn N' Oil Cocktail is one of the most delicious and loved Barbados cocktails and it can be found in so many different versions with slight variations in the ingredients and the quantities of ingredients. One way or the other way, this recipe is a super and must to have highball drink and any cocktail lover should try it at least once. The main ingredients used in this recipe are John D. Taylor's Velvet Falernum and black strap rum. It is a very rare recipe as you will not see both of these ingredients together quite often. There are number of recipes for Corn N' Oil Cocktail drink but the one which is officially mentioned on John D. Taylor's Velvet Falernum is considered to be the authentic one hence if you wish to learn the recipe of Corn N' Oil Cocktail then simply follow this guide till its end and master the art of Corn N' Oil Cocktail making. Utensils Needed: Highball or rocks glass, a stirrer Preparation time: 5 minutes Serving size: one servings Ingredients: - 1 “ ½ ounces of Falernum (John D. Taylor's Falernum is preferred) - ½ ounce of dark rum (Cruzan Black Rum is preferred) - 2 dashes of Angostura bitters - ¼ slice of fresh lime, cut it in half for garnishing purpose - Ice cubes as required

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