How to Make a Cigar Box Guitar

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How to Make a Cigar Box Guitar kit. step by step guide to Cigar Box Guitar parts, tuning, neck, tabs, amp, strings, songs, supplies, stand, geek, history volume & images.

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    Perhaps on the television or live, you have seen a musician or it is someone at your college playing guitar. Now you want to buy one but do not have enough money as you are a student. Asking for money to buy a guitar from your parents would be like belling the cat as you know about the possible outcome. There might be many things lying useless within your house that you might have never thought can be used differently. Such an item can be the empty wooden Cigar Box that was probably in use of your grandfather in the 60s. You will jump out of chair upon knowing that the useless wooden cigar box can be used to make a guitar. Make sure that you have the following: Protective eye-wear cigar box made of wood 3 feet long and 1 x 2 inch piece of wood wooden clothespin Drill and drill bits saw Guitar strings one eye lag for each string Wood Glue

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