How to Make a Caipiroska Cocktail

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How to make Caipiroska Cocktail using Green Mark Vodka, Caster Sugar & Lime. Step by Step Guide to Caipiroska cocktail recipe preparation time, ingredients, servings for parties and events.

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    Caipiroska Cocktail, also known as known as Caipivodka or Caipirodka cocktail, is one of the best and pleasant tasting cocktails in the world which is prepared with brown sugar, vodka and lime or lemon juice. This delicious drink is best to be served in family get-togethers and parties, as it is very light. There are many variations of this delicious favorite summer beverage. This article contains the common recipe that you will really enjoy. Preparation Time: Approximately 10 minutes Serving Size: 01 Utensils: Shaker, Muddler, Spoon, Cocktail Glass Ingredients; - (2 fl oz / 50 ml) vodka - (3 teaspoons) brown sugar - 4 ice cubes “ crushed - 6 lime wedges - Fresh mint leaves or lime wedge for garnishing - optional

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