How to Make Water Balloon Luminaries

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How to make candles, vase and other luminaries using water balloon and candle wax. Follow simple steps and easy method to make water balloon luminaries at home.

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    Have you ever considered using balloons for making candle holders? No, then you are certainly missing out on one of the coolest decoration ideas. Well you might have been using balloons for decoration and celebrations, but after going through this guide you will figure out that these ornaments can help you in creating beautiful Luminaries as well. You can either use them as great decorations for a wedding or a bridal shower or you can just scatter them around your home. This enjoyable and uncomplicated project with a fine-looking payoff will definitely excite you. The method is quite simple but you will have to be very careful while handling the wax because it might burn your skin if it spills. Follow the method arranged below carefully decorate your house with some amazing balloon candle holders: Preparation Time: 30 minutes Things Required: - High-melt paraffin wax - Balloons (depending upon the number of jars you are making) - Double boiler (1 pot large enough to place another pot in it) - Wax paper or a plain paper - Tea light or votive (1 for each jar)

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