How to Make Triple Berry Smoothie

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How to Make Triple Berry Smoothie at home. step by step guide to prepare Triple Berry Smoothie using milk, yogurt, strawberries, raspberry, blueberry & caster sugar with essence

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    There are countless types of berry smoothies that can be made using different types of ingredients and different types of berries. Berry smoothies are considered to be one of the healthiest beverages because it contains huge amount of antioxidants, vitamin c, vitamin E and many other nutritional components. Berries can be used with milk, coffee, tea and many other things to make a different berry smoothie every time. Following is the recipe for triple berry smoothie that will be prepared by combining ingredients such as milk and yogurt. Preparation time: Approximately 3 minutes Serving size: 2 to 3 glasses Ingredients: - One cup of crushed ice - One cup of milk - Half teaspoon of strawberry essence - One packet of raspberry jelly - One cup of yogurt - Half cup of blueberry filling - Half cup of strawberries - Two tablespoon of heaped caster sugar

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